Mimosbraidotti: 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benefits of Laughter

Personal Characteristics The Happy is always and easy laugh, but do not you ever wonder what the heck the benefits of laughter.? Maybe some of us do not even think that far ahead. In fact so many tablets benefits of laughter, laughter can be healthy one and can transmit happiness. So what the heck sebenernnya benefits of laughter???

This conclusion:

1. Guffaw can stimulate endorphin, what is endorphin?
    Endorphins are morphine sepertin in the human brain that will flow throughout the human body.
    endorphin is the enzyme that creating fun and happy effect.

2. to balance serotonin and melatonin that makes us sleep more soundly.

3. When the organs in the belly laughs come shaking like a massage, so the circulation and the face becomes more radiant even without makeup.

4. Laughter can also be a diet for laughing for 1 minute each to ride my bike for 40 minutes.

5. Benefit laugh with properties that make brain exercise vibration frequency of alpha waves in the brain that makes us relaxed and casual.

6. Laughter can relieve stress, because the laugh and the tension will decrease blood voltage drops.

Ideally ... people laugh at least 18 minutes every day., Well what is the relationship between enjoyment of sex pleasure laughing together ..?

Laughter and sex turned out to have much in common. Both have positive benefits for kehidupan.Bukan means laughter can make you experience the pleasure of sex, but the benefits of laughter is almost the same as the benefits of sex.

Burn calories
You've all heard that sex can burn calories like a sport. Apparently, laugh too have the same effect. Laughter is equivalent to one hundred times the treadmill for 10 minutes.

At the time of laughing, part moves 80 muscles, including the muscles in the face. The movement of facial muscles will increase blood supply to the brain, thus making your mind sharper and stronger mentally.

Boost the Immune System
When having sex, the body produces the hormone endorphin which is a natural immune system.